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How To Stay Positive During Social Isolation

March 18, 2020

In the same way animals head into hibernation during the winter, the world is doing the same. Only we’re not quite as accustomed to this intense period of isolation, and consequently, many may find it tough to cope.  

Social connections and activities are fundamental to our wellbeing and yet, we’re currently unable to organize or attend them. Whilst each country has put different measures in place, such as placing a ban on the attendance of events, our social lives have effectively been stunted. 

In considering these changes and in recognizing our well-being is intrinsically linked to social interactions, it begs the question, what can we do to cope? 

Thanks to recent research and a growing awareness for the importance of mental health, there’s a whole lot of information to help us answer that question. 

Today, we’re exploring some of the ways you can maintain good mental health during social isolation, all while staying in the confines of your home.  

  1. Keep A Diary
    This is a historical moment and you may never be in self-isolation again. Whilst it’s definitely not a time of celebration, it could be worthwhile writing down your experiences. 

Not only will this help to release your thoughts, it could also serve as an interesting record of a time unlike any other. 

Plus, there’s a whole lot of research to show why keeping a diary is great for your mental health.

stay active during coronavirus

  1. Bring the Outdoors In
    Gardening is good for your physical and mental health. However, when you can’t spend time outdoors, there’s an alternative option on offer. You can bring the outdoors in. 

This task allows you to get creative and embrace your sustainable side. If you’re longing for some parsley, order seeds from your local nursery and have them delivered. Many companies are offering free delivery due to the situation so we’re sure you’ll find someone delivering (or at least we can hope).

Then, choose a suitable pot or container to grow your seedlings. You can use many sustainable alternatives to plastic pots such as toilet rolls, beer cans and empty food containers. The world is your oyster. Simply plant your babies, offer them some sunshine and let the good times roll in.

While it’s absolutely not the same as gardening in the fresh open air outdoors, it’s a sure way to release some stress and allow for some green therapy. Plus, it’s a project which means you’ll be invested in the outcome from start to finish. 

It’s worthwhile considering what other projects you can take up. This is a time for indoor productivity so have a look around to see what interests you and where you can find an alternative source of stimulation. 

Coronavirus routine

  1. Set Up A Structured Routine
    In chaotic times, it’s paramount that you set up a structured routine for your days. It’s easy to say goodbye to structure when you're stuck inside but the opposite is required.  

Start with a solid workout in the morning - 10 minutes will do if it’s high intensity exercise. Then, have a nutritious breakfast and get to work as you would if you just arrived in your office.  

Plan a set time for lunch as well as when you’ll finish work and follow the same structured approach for the rest of your day. 

What’s most important here is setting up a space that’s away from your ‘chill-out’ zone so that work is separate to pleasure and enjoyment. And remember, this is temporary. 

  1. Work Up A Sweat
    Let off some steam with a workout. Self-isolation doesn’t change the fact that working out is amazing for you. And, if anything, it’s even more important now that you’re spending more time indoors.

    Try to refrain from slipping into living a sedentary lifestyle by practicing workouts in your home. Whether it’s a 20-minute yoga session or a longer routine, focus on working up a sweat so you can experience the joy and relaxation that comes from endorphins. 
  2. Phone A Friend

So, you can’t exactly throw a party and celebrate the good times with hundreds of people. But, you can take advantage of the connected world that you’re a part of and phone a friend.

You’ll be surprised at the uplifting and positive effect of phoning a friend, even if just for 30 minutes. 

Alternatively, if you’re longing for some facial expressions, you can organise a shared Skype call with some of your pals to touch base in a safe and secure way. Get inventive and keep creative! There are many ways to stay connected in the age of social media.

The Verdict 

While life as we know it has changed, it’s not forever. Yes, we’re not sure how long these new regulations and restrictions will last. However, it’s important we remain as level-headed as possible and try implementing strategies to keep up good mental health.

Times are tough, but we can also see this as an opportunity to optimize our interior settings, learn new insights about the way we run business and reflect on what matters most in situations of crisis. 

Medical Discretion: 

If you’re looking to learn more about what you can do to stay on top of your mental health, or you’d like more ideas of how to tend to your wellbeing, it’s a great idea to look to the experts for advice. 

While the recommendations we have offered are helpful, they should not be treated as medical advice. Always speak to your trusted doctor or medical profession if you’d like professional advice! 

By: Sophia Llewellyn 

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