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The adorable geometric print Campora Bag is the perfect size for an afternoon out. Hand woven in Colombia by women from the Wayuu tribe. By purchasing one of these bags you are helping sustain the economic growth of the Wayuu tribe. Giving back has never looked so chic!    

Chila Bags colorful patterns and long straps make them perfect for all seasons, for your travels around the world, or just down the block. For a day at the beach, a road trip with a friend, a BBQ, picnic or any summer event, it’s an ultimate all-season basic. More and more chicsters are picking them up from the local vendors and taking them to new destinations—they are regulars on beaches everywhere from Southampton to St.-Tropez.

  • Material: Handwoven cotton
  • Measurements: Approx: H 9.5" x  W 3.5" + 5" Hanging Tassel
  • Details: Pom pom button closure + Braided Strap 
  • Each Chila Bag comes with it's own dust bag.
  • Handmade with love by women from the Wayuu tribe in northern Colombia.
  • Because of the handmade nature of the weaving techniques; each bag is a work of art making sizes, patterns, shades and details vary.

Artisan Profile

Chila Bags is a Colombian fair trade brand that works personally with the women of the Wayuu, an indigenous tribe located in the very north coast of Colombia in a beautiful region called La Guajira. By working directly with the Wayuu women who hand knit each bag, Chila Bags has cut out the middleman, making sure the women are fairly paid and have exceptional working conditions. The bags are handwoven to respect the traditions and culture of the people. Skills are passed down from generation to generation and each bag is one of a kind with all designs and color choices unique to the knitter. The popularity of these bags is a great thing for these women who sustain their villages’ economy by hand making these pieces and selling them. The Wayuu tribe is a matriarchal society so women are the primary source of income for the community! These bags are a true labor of love.

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