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You are going to love stacking and mixing these versatile bracelets with your other favorites! You will receive a set of 3 bracelets from this collection. A single Roll-On® takes two hours to make and uses the finest quality glass beads and carefully hand-dyed cotton thread.

  • Materials: High quality glass beads + Hand-dyed cotton thread
  • Size: One size fits all. Rolls-on to any size wrist!
  • Handmade with love by female artisans in Nepal
  • As with all handcrafted goods, there are slight variations making each piece a work of art and truly one of a kind.

Artisan Profile

Aid Through Trade was founded in 1993 by a former Peace Corps volunteer. As a founding member of the Fair Trade foundation, their mission is to change the lives of women through ethical, fair, and sustainable employment through bringing fair trade to the fashion world. As one of the leaders in the fair trade industry, they employ more than 125 female artisans in Nepal. Each one-of-a-kind Aid Through Trade piece is handmade by one of these artisans, who take pride in their creations and their ability to support their families.

Most of the pieces are made in the Aid Through Trade office, which is located in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. In addition to receiving a fair wage (ATT pays one of the highest wages in the industry) and benefits, artisans working in the office also are provided with a hot lunch each day. A majority of the Roll-On bracelets are crafted by artisans throughout the Nepal countryside. The materials for the bracelets are distributed to villages throughout Nepal, and the women are able to work from home so that they can care for their families and provide for them financially.  

Aid Through Trade Artisans